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Pizzas Stone oven

Stone baked pizza with olive oil and slow fermentation.

Minipizzas Suspicolinos

Delicious crunchy dough with a rounded shape with a wide variety of flavors.

Pizzas La Mia Casa

In a few minutes, delicious pizzas, with a select variety of authentic flavors with natural ingredients.

Pizzas Gran Casa

In a few minutes delicious pizzas, with natural ingredients in a familiar format, ready to eat.

Baguettes Panipeni

Pizza bread made with selected ingredients of the highest quality and the widest range of flavors.


Small warm and crunchy appetizers are a real delight.

Puff Pastry

Puff pastry extended to give the shape and shape you want. Perfect for cooking exquisite empanadas, snacks, cakes, tarts.

Pizza dough

Natural pizza masses to make your pizzas as you want.